Nurturing the habit of learning

Breadcrumb is a learning app designed to assist your child to be the best learner they can be!

It is a safe space for them to discover interests, explore activities and libraries, commit to learning content that they find interesting and record their progress. As a parent, you would get to see their learning journeys in real-time - as they record their day’s work. Are you ready to embrace positive screen time?

Explore. Learn. Reflect.

Instead of telling children what to learn, wouldn’t it be fantastic if we enabled them with skills to learn absolutely anything?

Your interests at your pace

Breadcrumb's minimal, functional design helps young learners discover learning through activities, workshops, events, centres and more!

Making Breadcrumb the safest place for your child

Adult SupervisionAdult SupervisionThe app enables independent work. Activities that involve sharp objects or fire very clearly specify that they need adult supervision, therefore empowering your child to know when to ask for help too.
Curated content, no adsCurated content, no adsWe do not like distractions - especially when it disrupts learning. With a range of handpicked videos that make bite-sized collections and learning paths, Breadcrumb is just pure content and no ads.
Child’s progressChild’s progressProgress on Breadcrumb is not measured as your child vs other children. It insteads helps you and your child see where they began and how far they've come.
Mandatory Parent AccountMandatory Parent AccountAs this app caters to a very special age group, safety always precedes everything else. Just like family, the ties are strong here too with mandatory parent account.

Get your hands on Breadcrumb!

We are currently available as an iPad app for parents across the world and Learning Centres in Chennai, India.

Are you a Learning Centre that would like to come on board?

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